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Area youths are invited to become part of the excitement happening nationwide in chartering a course for the future
when people might have a permanent home on Mars. Kindergarten through high school students in classrooms
and youth groups can participate in the Mars Millennium Project, an official White House Millennium Council Youth
Initiative that encourages youngsters to investigate the best of the past and present, and apply what they learn to
design a community of 100 people arriving on Mars in the year 2030.

NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH and its Office of Educational Programs will collaborate with schools,
planetariums, museums and other educational organizations to support the Mars Millennium Project in Glenn’s
six-state region—Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin—by hosting various activities. For
example, Glenn scientists who have contributed to Mars missions will answer students’ questions during “Ask a
Scientist” web chats.

The Mars Millennium Project is an interdisciplinary project where students work as teams to gain an understanding
of relationships between science, technology, art, history, culture and tradition by planning for the future Mars
community. Students are asked to collaborate with educators, community leaders and professionals to apply what
they learn to very futuristic ideas about what a Mars community should look like based on science, technology and a
high quality of life.

Glenn’s Mars Millennium Project website showcases a wealth of Mars information including educational resource
materials, images, fact sheets and distance learning opportunities. The website is located at

Additionally, participants may register online at
or by faxing their information to (216) 433-3344.

For further information, the MMP website may be accessed at