NASA released a draft Statement of Work for public
comment today for a proposed International Space Station
Research Institute.

NASA seeks comments from industry, academia, organizations
and individuals regarding contracting to a non-government
organization to establish an Institute for International
Space Station research management.

The purpose of the Institute is to promote research
planning, coordination, and advocacy for maximum efficient
and effective use of the International Space Station by the
U.S. science, technology, and commercial communities. This
draft Statement of Work will be followed by a draft Request
for Proposals (RFP).

“We’re enthusiastic about forging ahead with this unique
opportunity to create a strong partnership with the user
community for the International Space Station utilization
process,” said Mary Kicza, Associate Administrator, Office
of Biological and Physical Research, NASA Headquarters. “We
strongly encourage comments on the Statement Of Work from
the users as well as potential offerors. These comments will
influence our future direction,” she said.

The Institute will support NASA in fostering cross-
disciplinary, inter-agency, and international flight
research programs. As part of its research leadership role,
the Institute will be a strong advocate for Space Station
research use to NASA, to the user community, and to the
public, both national and international.

The Institute will provide a strong, centralized voice for
the diverse Space Station user community and advocate for
the community to the Station program and NASA. A release for
RFP is scheduled for this fall, with a contract award
expected in fall 2004.

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