After a career featuring six space missions, five as commander, and multiple
senior agency management positions, astronaut James D. Wetherbee (Capt., USN,
Ret.) retired from NASA to pursue other interests.

Wetherbee flew six times aboard the Space Shuttle. He is the only U.S. astronaut
to command five space flights. Most recently, Wetherbee served as the Space
Shuttle Lead in the Independent Technical Authority at NASA’s Johnson Space
Center (JSC). Earlier positions included service as Technical Assistant to the
Director of JSC’s Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate, two years as Director
of Flight Crew Operations at JSC and five years as the Deputy Director of JSC.

“Jim is a true expert in space operations, who has dedicated his life to space
exploration,” said Director of Flight Crew Operations Ken Bowersox. “His
engineering sense and relentless attention to detail were critical to the success
of all of his space missions. Those same skills will serve our country well, as
Jim moves on to new challenges,” he added.

Wetherbee was selected as an astronaut in 1984 and served as pilot aboard STS-32
in 1990. He commanded STS-52 in 1992, STS-63 in 1995, STS-86 in 1997, STS-102 in
2001 and STS-113 in 2002. His missions included flying the first approach for the
first rendezvous by a Shuttle with the Russian Mir Space Station, a docking
mission to Mir and two flights to the International Space Station. For
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