Universities Space Research Association (USRA) proudly announces the addition of a new award—the Judith L. Pipher Memorial Scholarship Award—to honor the memory of Dr. Judith L. Pipher. With the establishment of this new award, USRA will now routinely offer five Distinguished Undergraduate Award scholarships.

Dr. Pipher served Universities Space Research Association in various capacities, including Vice Chair of the USRA Board; USRA Region II Trustee; University of Rochester Representative to the USRA Council of Institutions (COI); Member, COI Issues and Program Committee; and Chair, USRA SOFIA Science Council.

“We are grateful for Judy’s friendship, intellect, and many lasting contributions to our Association,” stated Dr. Jeffrey Isaacson, President and CEO of Universities Space Research Association. “She overcame numerous hurdles in her career to make pathbreaking contributions to astronomy and remained a steadfast champion of gender equality throughout her life. We hope this Memorial Scholarship will honor Judy’s memory, as well as her many contributions to science and STEM education.”

Dr. Pipher was a pioneer in infrared and submillimeter astronomy, and Professor Emerita at the University of Rochester. Recognition of her significant impact include:

Recipient of the Susan B. Anthony Lifetime Achievement Award, 2002

2007 Inductee, National Women’s Hall of Fame

Legacy Fellow, American Astronomical Society

Asteroid 306128 Pipher — her namesake

Prolific author of more than 200 scholarly articles and papers

Recognized as the “Mother of Infrared Astronomy” by Discover Magazine.

The USRA Distinguished Undergraduate Awards Program recognizes and develops promising future scientists in space-related disciplines. USRA bestows these awards to honor outstanding undergraduate students in a variety of majors through a competitive process. These awards are granted to students who tackle challenging problems in aerospace engineering, space science research and exploration, demonstrate leadership, promote diversity in science and engineering, and are poised to make significant contributions to their fields.

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