Global satellite intelligence infrastructure provider, Ursa Space Systems Inc., is collaborating with AWS Data Exchange (ADX) to make satellite data and insights easy to find, subscribe to, and share with partners in the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers and partners will have access to satellite intelligence at scale, thanks to this collaboration, which commenced in 2021. Ursa Space will list its image services catalog and data analytic services on AWS Data Exchange.

Ursa Space specializes in leveraging hundreds of radio frequency and imaging satellites in their platform to enable rapid response, decision making, and insights based on changes in our physical world. Such insights allow first responders, global security organizations, financial institutions, maritime, energy, and insurance customers to understand when a change has occurred anywhere in the world, and how best to respond.

Once a customer is subscribed to the service, they can use AWS Data Exchange for APIs to acquire data from Ursa’s imagery and analytic services, allowing for decisions to be made more rapidly than ever before, leveraging insights from hundreds of satellites around the world.

“Satellite intelligence enables decision-making in response to changes in our world that often lead to the savings of time, money and lives,” said Nicole Robinson, President at Ursa Space. “The challenge our community has is making those insights more readily available and quick to ingest. Ursa Space and ADX hope to shake up the industry, and more importantly, to deliver those critical insights to our global customers and partners in hours vs. days.”

Ursa Space Systems is a US-based satellite intelligence company that provides business and government decision-makers access to on-demand analytic solutions. Through our radar satellite network and data fusion expertise, Ursa Space detects real-time changes in the physical world to expand transparency. Our subscription and custom services enable you to access satellite imagery and analytic results with no geographic, political, or weather-related limitations.