Today United Launch Alliance (ULA) announced its new executive leadership team that will lead the company’s transformation, maintain focus on mission success and develop ULA’s new launch vehicle Vulcan.

“As we work to transform the way ULA does business, and in turn, the launch services business as a whole, it is critical to ensure we have exceptional people leading this company into the future,” said Tory Bruno, president and chief executive officer. “This reorganization will align ULA to position our product line to support emerging market needs, continue to drive out cost, and maintain our strong record of reliability and mission success.”

Executive Leadership Team

Liane George: Human Resources
John Keenan: Chief Information Officer
Charlie Krisch: Standard Services
Laura Maginnis: Custom Services
Cindy Nafus: Quality, Safety & Mission Success
Paul Neary: Chief Financial Officer
Mark Peller: Major Development
Robbie Sabathier: Washington Operations and Communications
Dr. George Sowers: Advanced Programs
Brett Tobey: Engineering
Gary Wentz: Human Launch Services

“This new leadership team represents the top professionals in their respective areas and leaders that have demonstrated an exceptionally strong vision toward innovation and change,” said Dan Collins, chief operating officer.

ULA’s Vulcan rocket will transform the future of space launch and will offer customers unprecedented flexibility in a single system. In addition, ULA is preparing to return to human spaceflight with the launch of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner atop the Atlas V rocket.

“All of the innovation and game-changing advances mean more capabilities in space, which means more capabilities here on Earth, and we haven’t even begun to realize the full potential of space exploration and what future capabilities it holds,” said Bruno. “We cannot even begin to imagine how new innovators will use space travel to progress a multitude of industries – from medicine to telecommunications to national security. The opportunities in space are truly endless.”

With more than a century of combined heritage, United Launch Alliance is the nation’s most experienced and reliable launch service provider. ULA has successfully delivered more than 100 satellites to orbit that provide critical capabilities for troops in the field, aid meteorologists in tracking severe weather, enable personal device-based GPS navigation and unlock the mysteries of our solar system.

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