Reston, VA – March 30, 2006 – Transformational Space Corp. (t/Space) announced today the appointment of Charles Duelfer as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Duelfer most recently was Special Adviser to the Director of Central Intelligence for Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction.  He directed the Iraq Survey Group in producing the Comprehensive Report on Iraq WMD (Duelfer Report) which was submitted to the President and Congress.  He accomplished this complex effort in a timely manner under obviously challenging conditions.  An experienced leader with an impressive track record, Mr. Duelfer will head relations with government customers and the investment community, and drive development of a new low-cost piloted spacecraft for Earth-to-orbit commercial services.

“Charles brings a record of achievement and credibility that is recognized in and out of government.  He will reinforce t/Space’s ability to deliver the promise of economical commercial space transportation for government and private customers,” said David Gump, the company’s president.

After leaving the CIA in 2005, Mr. Duelfer assisted t/Space as a consultant during completion of a $6 million contract with NASA to develop a commercially-oriented strategy for future exploration of the Moon and Mars.  Assisting him in government relations is Vice President Bretton Alexander, who joined t/Space in early 2005 after five years as a White House space policy aide for Presidents Clinton and Bush.

Mr. Duelfer was Deputy Executive Chairman of the United Nations weapons inspection organization for Iraq called UNSCOM from 1993 to 2000.  Previously, Mr. Duelfer served in a variety of positions in the Political Military Bureau of the U.S. Department of State, including serving as a Deputy to the Assistant Secretary for Political Military Affairs.  Among his responsibilities were policy and licensing functions related to aerospace and defense trade.  Earlier, Mr. Duelfer was responsible for the review of Department of Defense budget plans for space, strategic nuclear, and communications programs at the White House Office of Management and Budget.  He holds a BA from the University of Connecticut and an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

 About t/Space

Transformational Space Corporation is developing a piloted spacecraft to take people and cargo to and from space for NASA, other government agencies, and private customers.  t/Space is an entrepreneurial space company formed in 2004 following President Bush’s announcement of the Vision for Space Exploration and call for private enterprise to play a greater role in space.  The company recently completed a $6 million “Concept Exploration and Refinement” contract to advise NASA on how to return to the Moon and develop an initial design for a new crew exploration vehicle.  t/Space executed several hardware demonstrations within that program.

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