Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. (Tiertime) announces that a Chinese aerospace institution and Tiertime have joined efforts to develop 3D printers in a microgravity environment for the Aerospace Industry using Tiertime’s desktop 3D printer UP Plus 2. The alliance includes a collaboration of design, research and innovation in 3D printing technology, and it will spur further adoption and development of 3D printing technology in China’s Aerospace Industry.

In this project, Tiertime needs to make a series of technological design improvements and innovations on the UP Plus 2, including the cooling system, material feeding system, extruder movement control system, distant control between nozzle and platform, fixation of 3D Printer and more, all of which are key factors to the success of this project.

The UP Plus 2 is the best-selling 3D Printer made by Tiertime. It fabricates an physical object from a digital design file through an additive process that the printer deposits thermoplastic material that is printed out layer by layer. The big challenge in this project for Tiertime is making a 3D printer operate well in space and perform high-quality printing tasks.

“As a world-leading 3D printing company, Tiertime uses constant innovation as a driving force of its development,” said Guo Ge, CEO of Tiertime. “It is one of our goals to develop 3D printing technology that meets the research and development needs of the Aerospace Industry. Through this cooperation with one of China’s aerospace institutions, we are very confident that we will accomplish this goal.”

The project manager of the aerospace institution said, “We have been working with Tiertime since 2004, and have been using Tiertime’s industrial 3D printers for product prototyping in Aerospace research and development, which has involved large and complicated products with thin shells. Working with Tiertime’s 3D Printer has saved a lot of money and time in product verification. Our successful cooperation in the past has laid a solid foundation for this new innovative project. We hope that it will achieve success again!”

With high-end equipment manufacturing occupying an important position in the development of China’smanufacturing industry, 3D printing technology combining with research in the Aerospace industry will inevitably lead to the development of new applications for space exploration. It is in line with the strategic plan of “Made in China 2025″ that was recently laid out by Chinese Government.

Tiertime has not only established a long-term partnership with this Chinese aerospace institution, but its desktop 3D printers have also been adopted by NASA, the US’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

About Tiertime

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