Mission Discovery Singapore is back and offers Secondary School students a once-in-a-lifetime chance team up with 3 Rockstar NASA astronauts to do something extraordinary at Stamford American International School.

Students 14 years and above from the local region are invited to spend 5 days working in teams to design a project that could impact humanity both on Earth and beyond.

With guidance from legendary NASA astronauts: Scott Kelly, Steve Swanson & Tony Antonelli, and a team of NASA personnel, space scientists and world-renowned professors, the best idea will be launched into Space on a SpaceX Rocket, and carried out by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

“It is an incredible opportunity to have your idea used as an experiment on the International Space Station, and it’s been fascinating to watch the ideas develop over the last few days,” said Tony Antonelli, Astronaut & Space Shuttle Pilot

The Mission Discovery programme gives young people access to opportunities & the skills needed for a successful future, including communication, team building, leadership, and project management, all whilst elevating their chances of getting into the university of their dreams.

After a successful Singapore launch in 2019 at Stamford American International School, Mission Discovery returns in 2022.

“We are thrilled to be back at Stamford American International School, Singapore, for Mission Discovery. The support we have received from the school and local businesses has been overwhelming. Together, we will leave a lasting impact on the young people who take up the programme. Last time we were here, in 2019, the students amazed our team, and I’m sure this time will be no different.” – Ross Barber, ISSET Director

“Stamford American has a truly international community, and as Mission Discovery brings so many people from all over of the world to work together to design the experiment that will be carried out on the International Space Station by NASA, it only makes sense to be hosting this event again,” adds Ocki Fernandes, High School Principal.

In addition, local industry partners Mastercard, AWS, Page Personnel and Rolls Royce have sponsored a combined total of 150 young people from low socio-economic backgrounds to also join the programme.

To find out more about Mission Discovery and hear from the astronauts and participants: www.isset.space/products/mission-discovery-singapore

About Mission Discovery 

Mission Discovery was first launched in 2012 at King’s College London. Since then, over 30 programmes with 16 different astronauts have been staged across 4 continents, involving over 9,000 students sending 33 experiments into space on 8 different spacecrafts and counting.

Mission Discovery introduces youth to the highest level of NASA Leadership, Space Exploration and Scientific Research and we’ve seen incredible things young imaginations can achieve when teamed up with science.

CONTACT: Marcus Magee, Mission Discovery Singapore Program Lead, marcus@missiondiscovery.space