Science Minister Lord Sainsbury has unveiled the Government’s new three-year space strategy, citing the Beagle 2 Mars Lander as a benchmark for the UK’s ambitions in space.

The UK Space Strategy 2003-2006 and beyond and the High Level Roadmap sets out three objectives. They are:

  • Enhancing the UK’s standing in astronomy, planetary and environmental sciences;
  • stimulating increased productivity through promoting the use of space in government, science and commerce; and
  • Developing innovative space technologies and systems to deliver sustainable improvement in quality of life.

The strategy sets out how the UK will deliver its objectives through world-beating services and technologies and achieve greater use and market acceptance of all types of space services in the UK.

The strategy emphasises the importance of researchers and commercial companies working in close partnership to open up new opportunities in areas such as telecommunications and global positioning systems
The UK will continue its policy of investing selectively in space and of focusing on achieving its objectives cost-effectively, and through international partnerships, especially within the European Space Agency. The strategy is primarily focussed on the next three years, but for the first time it also sets out the long-term perspective to 2015. 

Further Information
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