Peter Wokwicz partnered with Orbital Transports to set out and find the next unique Small Satellite idea to turn into reality- offering a $10,000 prize, fully paid design/build/launch/operations of the satellite, and the opportunity for the winner to be involved in the process.

The winner was chosen based on a combination of social or economic value. The idea had to do good for the world and/or demonstrate a path towards profitability, be economical to build and launch, and fit within 2U’s or less.

The number and quality of ideas submitted that fit the criteria surpassed expectations, which made coming to a final decision extremely challenging. Submissions were only received between December 16th, 2021 – January 14th 2022 and the ideas were submitted from many different countries and by individuals with greatly varying backgrounds.

The official winner of the SmallSat Contest is Marc Katzef from Melbourne Australia!

Marc’s idea:

An image/message board in space that has video capability, capturing images of the board with the view of earth in the background. With a corresponding app, users can reserve a time on the board, upload and see their image/message/satellite information in orbit, identify the satellite location, and automatically generate an NFT for their use. In addition, there will be an augmented reality component in which you can “see” the satellite pass over head with additional information.

“I was so honored to have my idea selected; I have been searching for exciting ways to engage in communication and space technology for the last 10 years and can’t think of a better way than this! I thank Peter Wokwicz and Orbital Transports for their due diligence in this process and for all the time and money they are putting into this – I can’t wait to get involved and learn from the process.”

-Marc Katzef

Marc attributes his submitting to the SmallSat contest to his time and involvement in the Melbourne Space Program- a student lead club that has established multiple technology projects for training and successfully launched a CubeSat in 2019.

The innovation and creativity within the contest submissions have further proved great potential to propel the use of small satellites into the future for the greater good.

“The response to the contest was overwhelming. We had an incredible number of great ideas to evaluate. Our plan is to have Marc’s idea launched and operational by the end of 2022. Additionally, in light of all the great ideas and responses to our first contest, I am looking to make this an annual contest to help advance SmallSat technology, do good for the world, and like Marc’s idea does so well – to bring space down to something we can experience on earth to inspire us all.”

-Peter Wokwicz

Orbital Transports is a space logistics company building orbital infrastructure to facilitate the emerging  space economy. They provide the mission design, tools and technologies, transportation, goods and services required to support business operations in space. They deliver small satellite solutions from initial concept through completed mission. 


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