The National Science Foundation (NSF) joins with other leading U.S. scientific organizations to emphasize its strong commitment to preventing harassment and to eradicate gender-based discrimination in science.

In light of recent, multiple reports of sexual harassment in science, NSF reiterates its unwavering dedication to inclusive workplaces. NSF does not tolerate sexual harassment and encourages members of the scientific community who experience such harassment to report such behavior immediately.

As the primary funder of fundamental science and engineering research in the U.S., NSF supports researchers and students at the forefront of their fields — each of whom deserves to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

Not only is a discrimination-free environment the right setting for all people, it also fosters important learning, mentoring and research that are imperative to the advancement of science.

NSF holds responsible the 2,000 U.S. colleges, universities and other institutions that receive NSF funding and requires their implementation of Title IX protections. And NSF encourages NSF-funded researchers and students to hold colleagues accountable to the standards and conditions set forth in Title IX, and to inform their institution of violations.

For any NSF-funded entity that fails to adhere to Title IX, NSF will work with the Departments of Justice and Education to ensure compliance with nondiscrimination laws. NSF may terminate funding to any institution found to be in noncompliance with Title IX regulations and that does not voluntarily come into compliance.

In FY 2015 alone, NSF directly supported nearly 300,000 researchers, post-doctoral scientists, graduate students, trainees, teachers and students, as well as 1,700 employees. This scientific community creates the knowledge that drives the American economy and bolsters national security. Therefore, NSF will take all appropriate actions to ensure Title IX compliance.

People at NSF-funded institutions who experience or witness harassment should either contact their Title IX Coordinator or NSF’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Visit for more information on NSF’s policy on the prevention of harassment. Additional resources and the definition of harassment can be found here.