Saint-Hubert, February 7, 2000 – John Manley, Minister of Industry and
Minister responsible for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), announced today
the creation of the John H. Chapman Excellence Award. This Award, which
will be presented for the first time this year, marks the beginning of a new

“The John H. Chapman Excellence Award is a tribute to those who give our
country its uncontested world-wide notoriety in key specialties of space science
and technology,” said Minister Manley. “Whether earth-based applications of
space technologies, ‘pure’ research, space exploration or other fields of
expertise, recipients of the John H. Chapman Award will have contributed to
making Canada one of the world leaders in space science and technology.”

This prestigious award was named in honour of the “Father of the Canadian
Space Program,” John Herbert Chapman. Mr. Chapman was instrumental in the
development of telecommunications satellites and he was also one of the
principal supporters of cooperation between Canada, NASA and the European
Space Agency. He always remained a tireless promoter of Canada’s distinctive
role in space activities, firmly convinced that space technology could be used for
the benefit of all Canadians.

This award aims at honouring individuals who – like John H. Chapman – have
manifested exceptionally innovative qualities for the greater benefit of the
Canadian Space Program. These people are at the heart of Canadian space
science and technology development and are an accurate reflection of the
Agency’s mission: to lead the development and application of space knowledge
for the benefit of Canadians and humanity.

The Selection Board for the John H. Chapman Excellence Award, composed
of representatives from industry, academia and government, will choose the
winner based on three major criteria: the value of the achievement and its impact
on Canadian prestige; the socioeconomic spinoffs for Canadians and
humankind; and the nominee’s merits, competencies and national and
international recognition. Those wishing to submit a candidate for the award can
obtain information on the CSA Web Site: The
deadline for submission is March 10, 2000 and the identity of the award winner
will be made public in May, 2000.

“Some achievements – though they enjoy uncommon respect and recognition
within their respective milieus – remain relatively unknown to Canadians,” said
Mac Evans, President of the Canadian Space Agency. “The John H. Chapman
Award is designed to ensure that these achievements gain national and
international recognition thus consolidating Canada’s prestige in the space

Currently, spinoffs attributable to the Canadian space industry include more than
5,000 high-technology jobs throughout the country, revenue of $1.25 billion per
year (of which 45% is generated by export activities) and annual investments of
$80 million in research and development. The Canadarm is recognized as one
of the world’s foremost accomplishments in space technology. As well, Canada
is at the leading edge of the study of the earth’s environment from space, and
Canadian robotics expertise is at the core of the assembly of the International
Space Station. Moreover, after the U.S.A. and the former Soviet Union,
Canada has sent the greatest number of astronauts into space, as part of
NASA’s space shuttle program.

The Canadian Space Agency is committed to leading the development and
application of space knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and humanity. It
manages and co-ordinates all of Canada’s space activities and promotes the
Canadian space industry among international partners.

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