Teledyne Imaging, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE: TDY] company, is pleased to announce they will exhibit at the American Astronomical Society Annual (AAS) Meeting from January 11th through the 15th, 2021. Although the meeting and exhibitions will be virtual events, there will be many opportunities to meet and network with virtual Zoom rooms for demos, conversations, and presentations, as well as direct messaging via Slack.

Michael Melle, product manager, notes, “Our newest projects for the astronomy research market represent a critical element of advanced imaging solutions which is only possible with the nature and scale of Teledyne. From pixel, sensor, and ROIC design, through low noise electronics, to deep cooling, and system interface, Teledyne is the only company capable of delivering this one hundred percent organic solution in large-format scientific cameras.”

Teledyne Imaging will soon be announcing the release of new products designed specifically to enhance ground-based astronomy systems. The annual meeting provides the opportunity to discuss our complete portfolio of current and future products and how they expand the possibilities in astronomy.   Attendees will also be able to register for an upcoming webcast that will provide specific details about the newest product advancements.

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