Alexandria, VA, April 20, 2006 — Esther Dyson, the influential journalist, investor and commentator on the information technology (IT) sector, has joined the Board of Advisors of Constellation Services International, Inc. (CSI).

“CSI is pleased to welcome Esther to our Board of Advisors and as an investor. She brings over 30 years of experience working with the world’s leading innovators and thinkers in emerging high-tech companies. Esther will help CSI execute on our plans to commercialize the ISS and low Earth orbit”, said Charles Miller, CSI’s President and CEO.

Esther Dyson is editor of Release 1.0, CNET Networks’ quarterly newsletter. At CNET, she is also responsible for its high-level conferences and workshops, including PC Forum, the high-tech market’s leading annual executive conference, and Flight School, a workshop for the emerging markets of commercial space and air taxis. At Release 1.0, which Esther has written/edited since 1983, and in her private investment activities, Dyson focuses on emerging technologies, emerging companies and emerging markets. She is an active investor in numerous IT start-ups and several commercial space ventures.

Esther Dyson said: “The CSI space cargo system is a proven and simple solution to a complex problem, and reminds me of many successful and profitable innovations in the IT world. I’m delighted to be supporting a start-up in the commercial-space marketplace. I believe that CSI can play an important role in invigorating and leading this market.” CSI was founded in 1998 as a commercial space services company and has invested over five years and several million dollars developing a commercial service to resupply the International Space Station (ISS) using proven off-the-shelf technology. CSI’s patented LEO ExpressSM space cargo system completed a NASA system design review in July 2003, and will be able to deliver cargo to the ISS by 2008. CSI teammates include Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Oceaneering Space Systems, ARES, Odyssey Space Research, Barrios Technology, International Space Brokers, and Hannon Armstrong.

CSI has offices in Woodland Hills, CA, Alexandria, VA, and Houston, TX. For more information on CSI, visit, or send a request to

“LEO Express” is a trademark and service mark of Constellation Services International, Inc.