Satellite technology has quickly changed the world, but more recently the industry has lacked the creative ideas to propel the use of small satellites into the future. Wokwicz and Orbital Transports are looking for the next unique idea to turn into reality.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:                         December 16th  January 14th, 2022
DECISION DATE:                                       January 28th, 2022
PLANNED LAUNCH DATE:                       Q4 2022

The winner will be chosen based on a combination of social or economic value. The idea must do good for the world and/or demonstrates a path towards profitability, be economical to build and launch – fitting within 2U’s in or less.

Submissions will be received through the contest website,

About Orbital Transports
Orbital Transports is a space logistics company building orbital infrastructure to facilitate the emerging space economy. They provide the mission design, tools and technologies, transportation, goods and services required to support business operations in space. They deliver small satellite solutions from initial concept through completed mission. 

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