SatLease Capital announced its official take off today, aiming to disrupt the satellite telecommunications industry, revolutionizing the way that firms finance telecommunications equipment. The new venture is focused on serving both maritime and land enterprise customers by generating satellite equipment leasing transactions. SatLease is aiming to fill a void in the current market by offering a unique all-in-one solution while traditional satellite service providers (SSPs) are not in a position to finance the complex equipment required by their customers. This is the first ever independent SaaS – Satellite as a Service solution brought to the Service Providers community.

“We recognized that there was a growing need not being met in the market,” commented SatLease Capital Chairman Erwan Emilian, a longtime veteran of the telecom industry. “We’ve assembled an elite squad with global satellite and finance experience and expertise second to none, and have already started to finance both land-based and maritime satellite telecom equipment needs for customers around the world.”

Some of the benefits offered by SatLease Capital include the ability for end-users to simplify the cost and process of utilizing the very latest satellite telecommunications solutions by making fixed, regular payments instead of having to capitalize a large equipment purchase upfront. Additionally, any scheduled replacements or technology upgrades can be included in the lease, ensuring that customers won’t miss out on features and efficiencies as technology advances. 

The high upfront capital cost of financing equipment is a major inhibitor of growth for service providers who serve the satellite telecom industry and for those who rely on the connectivity services this equipment provides; by delivering an innovative solution to this problem, SatLease Capital is enabling service providers to achieve faster business growth whilst being able to deliver more cost-effective solutions to their customers than ever before.

About SatLease Capital:

SatLease Capital was founded in 2021 by a group of satellite telecom industry and finance top guns with the vision of creating an all-in-one solution for maritime and land enterprise customers seeking a simpler and more efficient way to finance their satellite needs. Through a global network of partners and suppliers, the SatLease Capital squad helps end-users of satellite service providers flexibly finance new satellite equipment.  For more information, please visit