Exos Aerospace suborbital launch fails
Blue Origin may miss goal of crewed suborbital flights in 2019
Virgin Galactic to fly Italian Air Force research mission
Exos suffers setback in reusable suborbital launch attempt
Blue Origin reaches space again on latest New Shepard test flight
Blue Origin announces next New Shepard suborbital flight
Virgin Galactic expects rapid conclusion of SpaceShipTwo test flights after downtime
Exos Aerospace reflies suborbital rocket
SpaceShipTwo flies to the edge of space again
Bezos emphasizes altitude advantage of New Shepard over SpaceShipTwo
Virgin Galactic reschedules SpaceShipTwo flight for Feb. 22
SpaceShipTwo aims to reach space again
Branson expects commercial SpaceShipTwo flights to begin in mid-2019
Blue Origin reschedules New Shepard test flight
Blue Origin still holding off on New Shepard ticket sales
Blue Origin gearing up for next New Shepard test flight

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