SpaceX’s record-setting rideshare mission a challenge for space traffic control
Space challenges for President Biden: Four issues for the next four years
Op-ed | Building on the Artemis Accords to address space sustainability
Omnibus spending bill funds Commerce Department space traffic management work
Comspoc embraces startup mentality after AGI spinoff
Space traffic management bill clears Senate committee
Commerce Department drafting space traffic management concepts as it awaits funding
Space traffic management idling in first gear
U.S. military keeps sharp eyes on orbit as congestion grows
House Space Force Caucus co-chair voices concern about orbital debris, supports Commerce assuming debris-tracking role
Senate bill would assign space traffic management work to Commerce Department
Webinar Replay | Space Traffic Management: Why Commerce, Why Now, What’s Next
Startup seeks to automate process of avoiding satellite collisions
Space station maneuvers to avoid debris
Industry supports giving space traffic management work to Commerce Department

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