Shelton Touts ORS-5 Satellite as Space Surveillance Gap Filler
With SBSS Follow-on in Limbo, U.S. Space Surveillance Gap Looms

Commentary | China Situational Awareness is a Key Part of Space Situational Awareness


In less than a decade, China’s military space developments have progressed to the point that observers and analysts from across the political spectrum now do not really question that China is developing the capability to engage in space warfare. 

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VIDEO | DARPA Space Surveillance Telescope


The U.S. government report that recommends addressing the weatehr satellite gap crisis also recommends fixing it using the same government-led approach that created it.

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Editorial | Toward an International Space Surveillance Network
U.S., Japan Pledge Closer Cooperation on Space Surveillance
French Defense Minister Seeks Wider European Union Role in Imaging, Space Surveillance Programs

European Union Presses Ahead with Proposal To Lessen Dependence on U.S. for Space Surveillance


European Commission hopes to succeed where the 20-nation European Space Agency thus far has failed.

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Commentary | Space Situational Awareness Sharing for the 21st Century

by and

With an ever-increasing number of spacefaring entities comes the expectation of the utmost protection for their satellites.

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Space Surveillance Project Gets the Ax in Pentagon Budget Proposal
Europe Moves Out Tentatively on Space Situational Awareness

U.S., Japan Sign Pact on Space Situational Awareness


The agreement provides Japan with U.S. space situational awareness data.

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EU Commission Proposes Space Surveillance Service


The proposal comes just weeks after ESA much of its own space situational awareness program.

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Air Force Sequestration Plan Targets Missile Warning, Space Surveillance
Sequestration To Hit Missile Warning, Space Surveillance Programs

BAE To Continue Supporting Space Surveillance Network


BAE Systems Aerospace Solutions of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., will continue to support U.S. Air Force Space Command’s global complex of ground-based space surveillance and missile defense sensors in 2013 under a series of contract modifications worth more than $60 million combined.

Commercial space surveillance

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