On-orbit satellite servicing: The next big thing in space?
Satellite operators push plan to upgrade military spy drones
An ‘enormous’ supply of bandwidth available for defense, military
Satellite operators working to attract military business
Luxembourg eyes Earth-observation satellite for military and government
Air Force: GPS 3 competition coming soon
Lockheed seeing payoff from investments in commercial space technology
Jam-proof satellite terminals to shrink dramatically
Lockheed Martin unveils new satellite bus lineup
Kestrel Eye positions Adcole Maryland Aerospace for more satellite work
Lockheed stresses flexibility with new satellite plant
Space software is another area that needs faster acquisition, general says
Satellite industry generated more than $260 billion in revenues in 2016, according to new report
Last-second computer glitch scrubs Sunday’s launch of Intelsat satellite on SpaceX Falcon 9
Upper stage malfunction leaves Chinese satellite in lower-than-planned orbit
Satellite builders unsure what Trump will mean for their business

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