Draft House bill would scramble Air Force’s rocket engine plan
Aerojet Rocketdyne pitches AR1 as the only direct replacement for RD-180
ULA confirms engine issue on latest Atlas launch
McCain calls for investigation of fired ULA executive’s controversial comments
Rogers: Air Force plan for launch investments would violate 2015 law
Kendall lays out Pentagon thinking on future space programs
“Preliminary” opinion: RD-180 engine doesn’t violate U.S. sanctions
Air Force:  Atlas 5 will be grounded if RD-180 is found to violate U.S. sanctions
U.S. Air Force evaluating early end for ULA’s $800 million in yearly support
McCain, McCarthy to introduce bill to reinstate RD-180 ban
McCain schedules hearing on Russian rocket engines
Orbital ATK, SpaceX Win Air Force Propulsion Contracts
U.S. Air Force Awards More Rocket Research Contracts
ULA Orders 20 More RD-180 Rocket Engines
Op-ed | We Do Need Russian Rockets, for a While Longer
Op-ed | National Security in Space: Cleaning up a Mess

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