GOES-17 instrument problem blamed on blocked heat pipe
Fresh $18.7 million funding round puts PlanetiQ weather constellation back on track
DSCOVR spacecraft in safe mode
FCC dismisses studies of potential 5G interference with satellite weather observations
COSMIC-2 weather data key to better forecasts, NOAA says
NOAA seeks funding for innovative technologies, novel partnerships
Dozens of satellites could feed NOAA’s future weather models
A clearer outlook for NOAA weather satellite programs
FCC budget endorses spectrum sharing with weather satellites
Big cut proposed for NOAA satellite division
5G trumps meteorology as FCC rebuffs NASA, NOAA call to halt auction
Lawmakers urge FCC to postpone March 14 spectrum auction
5G trumps weather in spectrum debate
GAO takes weather satellite program off watch list
NASA and NOAA emphasize value of commercial Earth science data

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