Japan puts military on alert over North Korean satellite launch
U.S. Missile Defense Agency claims success in non-intercept test
Potential East Coast interceptor site won’t be in Maine
New U.S. kill vehicle will fly in 2018, take on its first target in 2019
New SM-3 variant faces two intercept tests this year
Air Force Tests Ground Station for Full Missile Warning Constellation
SM-3 Interceptor Misses Mark in Complex Test
New Software Expands Missile Defense Role for SBIRS Satellites
Lockheed Martin Lands Missile Defense Radar Contract
House Mark on Redesigned Kill Vehicle Has MDA Concerned

U.S. Approves Sale of Raytheon Forward-based Radars


The U.S. government has cleared the way for allies to purchase and deploy a Raytheon-built ballistic missile defense radar in forward-based mode, according to a June 11 press release from the company.

Commercial missile defenseRaytheon
U.S.-Japan Interceptor Makes its First Flight
MDA Study Could Eventually Lead To Additional Missile-tracking Satellites
MDA Sets Sights on Alaskan Air Force Station for New Radar
House Bill Would Revive Dormant Missile Defense Kill Vehicle Project

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