Air Force to discuss ‘unusual and compelling urgency’ for new missile-warning satellites
DARPA aims to ‘disrupt’ national security space business
BAE Systems wins DARPA contract to develop 3D space warfare lab
Space reforms coming: 2018 NDAA drops legislative bombshells on U.S. Air Force
Satellite operators push plan to upgrade military spy drones
An ‘enormous’ supply of bandwidth available for defense, military
Satellite operators working to attract military business
U.K. military seeks to ride wave of commercial space innovation
Air Force ‘hopeful’ Congress will support new strategy to phase out Russian rocket engines
Pentagon nominee Griffin: Procurement a ‘mess,’ U.S. losing edge in aviation, space
Top Pentagon contractors keen on space business
Army space project a now-or-never moment for low-cost military satellites
Pentagon procurement chief Ellen Lord: ‘Lots of needs, opportunity in space’
Army rolls out new plan to modernize communications networks and weapons
In the face of growing threats, Army scrambles to secure satellite links

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