New national defense strategy to shed light on Pentagon’s thinking about war in space
Military launch quality issues flagged by DoD watchdog
Some good news for GPS 3, but trouble looms
Congress demands additional security, backup for military GPS signal
Ominous signs for defense, aerospace industries as Congress scrambles to fund government
Space commander enthusiastic about NDAA reforms
Space modernization up in the air as budget fight continues
DoD space policy chief: ‘It’s imperative that we innovate’
Air Force steps up efforts to merge air, cyber and space data
U.S. military gets taste of new satellite technology for unmanned aircraft
U.S. Army “space week” to shine light on why soldiers care about satellites
Op-ed | Is the U.S. ready for China’s ‘space militias’?
STRATCOM chief Hyten: ‘I will not support buying big satellites that make juicy targets’
On-orbit satellite servicing: The next big thing in space?
Air Force to discuss ‘unusual and compelling urgency’ for new missile-warning satellites

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