MDA Study Could Eventually Lead To Additional Missile-tracking Satellites
Congress More Eager than DoD for East Coast Interceptor Site
MDA Extends Raytheon’s Sole-source Radar Contract
MDA Corp. Worries Canada Is Losing Its Robot Edge
Editorial | MDA Tries Its Hand with Hosted Payloads
MDA Kill Assessment Sensors Would Be Commercially Hosted
Spotlight | Space Systems/Loral
MDA Sees Rebound in U.S. Earth Observation Market
MDA Launches Three Targets in Aegis Test
MDA Will Have Lead Role in Developing New Kill Vehicle
Arbitrator Sets ViaSat Payments at $55M for MDA, $45M for Loral

Canada’s MDA Devising New Methods To Track Ships Not Using AIS


MDA Corp. will over the next six months find new methods to combine the use of radar and optical satellites to track so-called dark ships.

Civil Commercial CanadaMDA
Canada’s MDA Suggests Lack of Government Support May Prompt Another Move
MDA Tracking Test Marshals Sensors in the Air, at Sea and in Space

MDA Seeks Information on Components for New Kill Vehicle


The MDA is beginning its search for components for a redesigned kill vehicle, the part of a missile interceptor that destroys warheads by force of impact.

MDAMilitary SpaceMissions

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