U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s hosted payload delayed until mid-2017
GAO: Missile Defense Agency is using “high risk” approach for additional interceptors
Potential East Coast interceptor site won’t be in Maine
New U.S. kill vehicle will fly in 2018, take on its first target in 2019
Raytheon Wins $2.3 billion Sole Source Award for SM-3 Variant
MDA Tests Two SM-3 Variants in Three Days
SM-3 Interceptor Misses Mark in Complex Test
Lockheed Martin Lands Missile Defense Radar Contract
Missile Defense Agency Retires NFIRE Satellite
MDA Pursues Kill Vehicles with Cost-cutting Mandate
MDA Progressing on Redesigned Kill Vehicle
Lockheed, Raytheon To Develop Advanced Kill Vehicle Concepts
MDA Eyes Shared Constellation for Missile Tracking, Space Surveillance
House Mark on Redesigned Kill Vehicle Has MDA Concerned
U.S.-Japan Interceptor Makes its First Flight

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