Maxar studies Legion spacecraft for NOAA weather mission
WorldView Legion remains on track for 2021 launch
NOAA awards first contracts for future satellite constellation
Four fears satellite manufacturers can’t shake
Maxar to sell Canadian unit for $765 million
Telesat LEO manufacturing decision bumped to 2020
Maxar-Thales Alenia Space team breaks up, now competing separately for Telesat LEO
Maxar weaving components into new business ventures
To do business, reprogrammable satellites now the requirement for manufacturers
Maxar oceanographic data fuels SiriusXM Fish Mapper
U.S. military is eager to take advantage of smallsats at scale if price is right
Satellites for Intelsat, European lasercomm launch on Arianespace rocket
Space insurer Swiss Re leaves market
Maxar to install NASA pollution sensor on commercial satellite
Satellites to the rescue after natural disasters

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