Pentagon picks SpaceX and ULA to remain its primary launch providers
Smith encouraged by Senate NDAA proposal to increase funding for space launch technology
HASC Chairman adds $150 million in NDAA for space launch technology development
SMC commander impressed by ‘technical maturity’ of newly developed U.S. rockets
Political fight continues over Air Force launch services procurement
RAND finds risk in Air Force plan to support two launch companies
Air Force procurement chief: Three space launch providers ‘would be great if we had funding’
Space and Missile Systems Center releases RAND study of space launch market
Space Force reviewing bids for 10-year launch systems engineering contract
HASC Chairman: Space Force launch contracts should stay on schedule to help industrial base
Air Force, Space Force procurement offices try to keep programs moving during pandemic
Op-ed | National security launch not ready to commit to commercial practices
Independent study of launch market says U.S. Air Force should support three domestic providers
Air Force projects increased launch activity for 2020
Air Force soon to release revised launch solicitation in response to GAO’s ruling

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