India set for moon landing attempt after Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft separation
Chandrayaan-2: India’s lunar maneuvers continue
India launches Chandrayaan-2 lunar orbiter and lander mission
NASA resumes cooperation with ISRO after ASAT test
Boycott Indian launchers? Industry reacts to India’s anti-satellite weapon test
Arianespace launches Indian, Saudi telecom satellites in year’s first Ariane 5 mission
FIRST UP Satcom | ISRO launches Ku-band satellite • SpaceX raising $500 million • SES closes 400 million euro loan
Arianespace launches two Asian satellites on Ariane 5 rocket
PSLV launch a boost for smallsat IoT, remote-sensing constellations
FIRST UP Satcom | Senators join C-band discussion • GSLV launches Indian satellite • Thales Alenia Space teams with ONERA
FIRST UP Satcom | India to reduce foreign satellite use • Boeing revenues up • Facebook internet satellite in the works
Arianespace cancels Ariane 5 launch over ISRO satellite issue
ISRO launches PSLV return to flight mission with 31 satellites
PSLV launch of navigation satellite fails
Ariane 5 orbits telecom satellite for India, condosat for Inmarsat and Hellas Sat

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