Viola Group Takes 20 Percent Stake in Israel’s RRSat


Viola Group, an Israel-focused private equity firm with nearly $2 billion in assets under management, has acquired 20 percent of the outstanding shares of RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd. for about $8 per share.

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Israel’s Iron Dome


A study published Nov. 11 in the journal Nature Climate Change warns agricultural regions in California and other areas of the Northern Hemisphere that rely heavily on melting snow to irrigate crops are likely to see a significant drop in snowfall in the years ahead.


With Amos-6 Win, IAI Staves Off Collapse of Israeli Communications Satellite Sector


TEL AVIV, Israel — State-owned Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) averted the possible collapse of Israel’s ailing communications satellite sector with its win over Space Systems/Loral for the rights to build the Amos-6 satellite for Spacecom, based here.

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Italian Military Buys $100M Spy Satellite from Israel in Exchange Deal


PARIS — The Italian Defense Ministry is buying a high-resolution optical reconnaissance satellite from Israel as part of an offset package agreed to in exchange for the Israeli Defense Ministry’s purchase of Italian trainer aircraft, according to industry officials.

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Proton Rocket Puts Israeli, Russian Satellites in Orbit


PARIS — A Russian Proton rocket placed an Israeli commercial telecommunications satellite and a Russian data-relay spacecraft into geostationary orbit Dec. 12, with both satellites reported healthy after separation from the Proton’s Breeze-M upper stage.

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French Air Force Intercepts Israeli Target Missile


The French Air Force conducted a successful test Nov. 15 of an MBDA Aster 30 surface-to-air interceptor against a Black Sparrow target missile fired from an Israeli Air Force F-15, defense sources said.

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Israeli Firm Seeks Partners for Microsatellite Imaging System


TEL AVIV, Israel — Israel’s Defense Ministry has approved marketing efforts to secure international partners for Project LiteSat, a proposed constellation of microsatellites for collecting high-resolution imagery under development at the state-owned Rafael Armament Development Authority.

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Israeli Military To Invest in Satcom Upgrade [The Jerusalem Post]


The Israeli Defense Ministry intends to eliminate gaps in satellite reconnaissance and surveillance data by investing millions in an upgrade to provide the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) with real-time intelligence, The Jerusalem Post reports.

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