FAA developing system to better integrate commercial launches
Moon Express wins U.S. government approval for lunar lander mission
Virgin Galactic receives FAA license for SpaceShipTwo tests
House aviation subcommittee shows renewed interest in commercial spaceflight
Bridenstine pleased by progress on space policy bill
Patricia Grace Smith, former head of FAA space office, passes away
FAA commercial space office wins budget increase in House
White House report endorses FAA oversight of commercial space missions
FAA advisory committee recommends no changes to ICBM motor policy
Senate bill cuts other NASA programs to fund SLS and Orion
Moon Express proposes alternate approach for lunar mission regulatory approvals
Bridenstine to introduce space policy bill in April
Budget proposal offers big increases for small space offices
New commercial space legislation unlikely this year
FAA Moves Closer to Approving Falcon 9 Landings at Cape Canaveral

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