C-Band Alliance plan will spawn lawsuits, Google, Charter warn
C-Band Alliance plan would require 5G networks to pay for eight new satellites
C-Band Alliance members promise to buy American for new satellites under C-band plan
FIRST UP Satcom | Senators join C-band discussion • GSLV launches Indian satellite • Thales Alenia Space teams with ONERA
C-Band Alliance doubles spectrum offer to 200 megahertz
ABS, Hispasat and Star One cry foul over C-Band Alliance
Intelsat: losing 200 or more megahertz of C-band will require new satellites
Telesat changes tune, joins C-band spectrum group
SES lowers video forecast, gives glowing review of O3b mPower progress
National Space Council officials to attend WRC-19 spectrum conference
FCC votes to open C-band for 5G
Asian satellite operators worried U.S. C-band debate will affect their markets
FCC unveils proposal for C-band reallocation
SES, Intelsat plead for an extension for C-band dish registration
U.S. regulators mull national spectrum strategy that emphasizes sharing
Telesat comes out against C-band proposal, girds for spectrum fight

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