Shareholder urges Intelsat to avoid defaulting into bankruptcy
FCC approves $9.7 billion package to speed C-band clearing
Telesat sides with SES against Intelsat’s request for more C-band money
SES and Eutelsat make their own cases for more C-band money
Intelsat to FCC: C-Band Alliance is dead, we deserve more money
Star One sole regional operator included in FCC C-band clearing plan 
FCC C-band plan draws mixed reaction from Congress
FCC sets December C-band auction, offers up to $14.7 billion for satellite operators
Eutelsat OK with FCC’s C-band auction plan provided satellite operator costs are covered 
FCC announcement unlikely to be the final decision about C-band spectrum
Satellite operators lose battle for private C-band auction worth billions
C-Band Alliance says it would send billions to U.S. treasury under private spectrum auction
House lawmakers, with legislation in tow, push for public C-band auction
Senator pushes for FCC, not satellite operators, to run C-band auction
Traction building to add C-band to next World Radiocommunication Conference agenda
FCC commissioner defends C-Band Alliance but renews call for more 5G spectrum 

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