NASA Selects Astronauts For Commercial Crew Test Flights

Commentary | The Future of Astronaut Activity


It is an effort that has paid off handsomely across several other challenging national and global pursuits for those economies that have chosen to exercise it, applying the lessons learned in human space activity to other complex endeavors here on Earth.

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Mercury 7 Astronaut Scott Carpenter Dies

VIDEO | ESA’s CAVES Astronaut Training Program


Finding NASA's new No. 2 won't be easy, but here are five candidates worth a look.

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VIDEO | Astronaut Shows Off Faulty Spacesuit


Eutelsat is buying Mexican operator Satmex for $831 million in cash plus the assumption of $311 million in Satmex debt to establish a big position in the growing Latin American market.

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NASA Cuts Spacewalk Short after Water Leak inside Astronaut’s Spacesuit
NASA Astronauts To Fly on Space Taxi Test Flights to Station
Three Chinese Astronauts Land after Record-breaking Spaceflight

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