AsiaSat Results Reflect Troop Withdrawals, Capacity Glut
SpaceX Lofts Pair of All-Electric Satellites for ABS and Eutelsat
AsiaSat Finds Red Tape Mires Launches from Cape Canaveral Spaceport
SpaceX Launches AsiaSat 6, a Month after Lofting AsiaSat 8
AsiaSat 6 Launch on Falcon 9 Delayed until Further Notice
AsiaSat Revenue Down Sharply for 1st Half of 2014
SpaceX Launches First of Two Satellites for AsiaSat
SSL Ships AsiaSat 8 to Cape Canaveral for July Launch

AsiaSat Terminates Deal To Host GeoMetWatch Sensor


The move follows a separation of GeoMetWatch from Utah State University, which designed the sensor.

Commercial AsiasatCommercial Weather
AsiaSat’s Appetite for Acquisitions Stimulated by a No-growth 2013
News from Satellite 2014 | Financing Woes Threaten GeoMetWatch Plan To Hitch Ride on AsiaSat 9
AsiaSat Orders SSL Satellite in Deal that Retains Option for Weather Sensor
GMW, AsiaSat Extend Deadline for Weather Sensor Deal

AsiaSat Falters as Competitive Pressure Takes a Toll


AsiaSat said revenue and profit for the second half of this year is likely to dip.

Commercial Asiasat

U.S. Ex-Im Bank Boosts Loan to AsiaSat


AsiaSat said it was adding $37.3 million to the $306 million in loans it was seeking from the Ex-Im Bank to support the AsiaSat 6 and AsiaSat 8 satellite programs.

Commercial AsiasatU.S.
AsiaSat To Finance and Host Commercial Weather Sensor

After Record 2012, AsiaSat Tempers Expectations for 2013


Several one-time payments helped lift AsiaSat's earnings last year.

AsiasatSatellite Telecom
AsiaSat Secures Backup Option with Sea Launch

AsiaSat Sells SpeedCast Subsidiary for $32 Million


PARIS — Satellite fleet operator AsiaSat of Hong Kong said Sept. 24 that it had sold its SpeedCast satellite broadband subsidiary to a private-equity group for $32.2 million (251.5 million Hong Kong dollars), booking a gain of about 135.7 million Hong Kong dollars.

Commercial AsiasatSatellite Telecom
AsiaSat Revenue Held Steady through First Half of 2012

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