AsiaSat says pricing pressure now coming from all fronts
Asian Satellite Fleet Operators Bemoan Slowing Demand, Government Competition
Market Conditions, Regulatory Issues Crimp AsiaSat Sales
‘Winter is Coming’ for Asian Satellite Operators as Capacity Outpaces Demand
AsiaSat Results Reflect Troop Withdrawals, Capacity Glut
SpaceX Lofts Pair of All-Electric Satellites for ABS and Eutelsat
AsiaSat Finds Red Tape Mires Launches from Cape Canaveral Spaceport
SpaceX Launches AsiaSat 6, a Month after Lofting AsiaSat 8
AsiaSat 6 Launch on Falcon 9 Delayed until Further Notice
AsiaSat Revenue Down Sharply for 1st Half of 2014
SpaceX Launches First of Two Satellites for AsiaSat
SSL Ships AsiaSat 8 to Cape Canaveral for July Launch

AsiaSat Terminates Deal To Host GeoMetWatch Sensor


The move follows a separation of GeoMetWatch from Utah State University, which designed the sensor.

Commercial AsiasatCommercial Weather
AsiaSat’s Appetite for Acquisitions Stimulated by a No-growth 2013
News from Satellite 2014 | Financing Woes Threaten GeoMetWatch Plan To Hitch Ride on AsiaSat 9

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