Lost My Name’s Highly Anticipated Second Personalized Publishing Experience – “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home” – To Be Delivered to International Space Station This December and Featured in New STEM-Based Educational Program from Outer Space.

Parents Can Enter at www.lostmy.name/liftoff, for a Chance to Have Their Kids Personalized Storybook Skyrocketed to Space and Read and Videotaped By an Astronaut Aboard the ISS

Last year, technology and publishing start-up Lost My Name, who is blazing new trails in personalized entertainment, arrived on the children’s book scene with the blockbuster success off its first personalized title “The Little Boy/Little Girl Who Lost His/Her Name.” The book has become a global phenomenon and taken the children’s publishing world by storm — selling more than 700,000 in over 135 countries worldwide in less than two years. So how does the company look to surpass the out-of-this-world success with its second personalized publishing experience, the space adventure The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home releasing this October? Well, by actually sending the new book out-of-this-world–and in doing so, they will be giving one kid the opportunity of a lifetime, to have their personalized story book read to them by an astronaut in space.

Lost My Name announced today that its upcoming personalized space adventure “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home,” has been selected by Story Time From Space, a project of the Global Space Education Foundation, to be among 7 children’s books to be sent up to the International Space Station aboard Orbital 4 on December 3rd. “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home” will be part of Story Time From Space’s exciting program aimed to use the ISS and other space platforms to promote and improve STEM focused educational activities aimed toward schools, science centers and home education. The Story Time From Space project couples Astronauts aboard the ISS video-recording themselves reading STEM connected stories featuring outer space storylines – such as Lost My Name’s “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home” — and then demonstrating science experiments tied to the books’ storylines that kids in classrooms, science centers or at home can do, with a goal of enhancing interest and understanding of STEM topics. All the recorded readings can be accessed on demand at www.storytimefromspace.com/library.

The personalized nature of Lost My Name’s “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home” opens another incredible opportunity. As every single edition of the book is highly unique, with aspects of the storyline and imagery personalized based upon not just the kids name but where they actually live, Lost My Name is offering the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one kid to be the featured star of the edition of the book rocketed up to the ISS.

Parents or guardians who go to www.lostmy.name/liftoff between September 17th and September 23rd and fill out the sign-up form will have the chance to have their kid (as the star of the storybook) launched into space for the adventure of a lifetime. Moreover, the child and guardian will be invited to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at the time of launch.

Marking the most technically advanced children’s book ever created, The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home follows a child and their robot friend on an amazing adventure from the depths of outer space to their own front door. The experience is different for every child based upon where they actually live — from the country flag on the spaceship and the view of Earth from outer space, to seeing familiar pictures of key country, city and town locations as the adventure gets closer to its conclusion where the child returns to their actual home address. The amazing adventure is further brought vividly to life utilizing NASA’s open source photography of outer space, and mapping technologies that enable a close-up flyby of the child’s actual neighborhood and landmarks near their house! It will be available to order exclusively at lostmy.name beginning early October.

Asi Sharabi, Co Founder at Lost My Name said:
“Getting children to see that anything is possible is one of the most important things in the whole world and what we’re all about as a company. We’re beyond excited to take part in such an incredible program and experience and we’re forever grateful to Story Time from Space for picking The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home to be launched (quite literally) from space.”

Bjarni Tryggvason, Veteran Astronaut and Story Time From Space team member said:
“The Story Time From Space, CASIS and NASA teams are thrilled to work with Lost My Name to give families around the world a direct connection to the ISS and space. Together we will take children from a child’s dream-like journey through space to the real science and adventure of space travel.”

Notes for Editors

About Lost My Name

– Founded by three fathers and an uncle, Lost My Name creates magical, personalized entertainment for kids, helping them to become curious, courageous and kind

– Lost My Name was founded in 2012, and is based in Hackney, London

– Lost My Name is a “full-stack” or ‘vertically-integrated’ business (the likes of Apple, Uber, Netflix and Warby Parker have all adopted this model), which means they control all aspects of the process in-house, from creating the stories, illustrations and technology, to printing the books, to marketing and sales

– Lost My Name is a proudly zero-inventory company, with every book uniquely printed on demand

– Lost My Name has shipped to 136 countries worldwide and has sold over 650,000 copies of The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name

– Lost My Name secured $9 million US investment led by Google Ventures in June 2015

– “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home” is available from 1st October priced at $40 US

About Story Time From Space

– STFS team consists of Patricia Tribe (Educator & Co-Founder), Alvin Drew (Veteran US Astronaut & Co-Founder), Bjarni Tryggvason (Veteran Canadian Astronaut & Science Expert), Jeffrey Bennett (Astrophysicist/Author), Jack Moore (Webmaster) & Debbie Brown-Biggs (educator)

– STFS is using the excitement of space exploration to improve STEM & Literacy education around the world

– STFS partners with CASIS (Center for the Advancement of Science in Space) & NASA

– STFS has payloads of books and science demonstrations going up on multiple launches