The following is a statement by Johnson Space Center Director Jefferson D. Howell Jr. regarding the Administration’s fiscal year 2005 budget proposal.

“These are exciting times for the entire NASA family, including the Johnson Space Center. Our experience and expertise in human space flight is the best in the world. We will continue to operate the International Space Station, as we increase our understanding of how space flight affects humans, and we will safely return the Space Shuttle to flight. These are key elements of our long-term goal to expand the human presence in space.”

“The budget unveiled yesterday demonstrates the President’s commitment to provide NASA with the resources necessary to meet the goals of our new vision. Every NASA center will be a part of this endeavor, and I am confident that our own community will make valuable contributions as we move toward our long-term objectives, including a return to the Moon that will ultimately lead us to explore Mars and other worlds”

“There will be challenges ahead. We will face these challenges together. We will maintain our focus on ensuring the safety of human space flight, and we will begin our exciting journey of exploration.”

“The vision makes the needed decisions to secure long-term U.S.
space leadership. It provides an exciting set of major
milestones with human and robotic missions. It pursues
compelling science and cutting-edge technologies. It invites
new ideas and innovations for accomplishing the vision. The
President’s challenging vision provides unique opportunities
for engaging students across the country, “as only NASA can,”
to enter careers in science, engineering, technology and math.

“The vision provides the opportunity for new generations of
Americans to explore, innovate, discover and enrich our nation
in ways unimaginable today.”

Information about the NASA vision and budget is available on
the Internet at: