Starburst, the world’s first and only global aerospace and defense accelerator, today announced the finalists chosen as a part of their first Allied Defence Accelerator program to present at International Space Pitch Day (ISPD). The 15 startups were announced at SpaceCom2020, the global space conference, as they prepare to pitch their solutions in response to key challenges within the aerospace and defense industry. ISPD will be hosted as part of the live, virtual Defence Space Conference 2020 being held November 17-18, where finalists will pitch for a chance to receive government funding to mature their solutions. If interested in observing the pitches on November 17, please register here –

The International Space Pitch Day model represents an innovative way of working, ensuring that U.K. and U.S. defense are able to keep up with the rapid pace of commercial technology development. ISPD will connect world-class space innovation to military end-users at pace with the Allied Defence Accelerator, provided by the internationally-recognised accelerator Starburst Aerospace.

Starburst’s creation of the first Allied Defence Accelerator builds on the successful accelerator and Pitch Day model. First developed by the U.S. Air Force, the U.K. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, and the U.K. Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), the Allied Defence Accelerator brings together a coalition of U.K. and U.S. partners, including Starburst, United States Space Force, Space & Missile Systems Center, Ministry of Defense, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Defence and Security Accelerator, Strategic Command, Royal Air Force, and Air Force Research Laboratory.

The selected finalists are:

Riskaware Limited and Telespazio Vega UK (United Kingdom)

Project Title: SpaceAware Resilience

Spire Global UK (United Kingdom)

Project Title: Space Weather as a Service

Slingshot Aerospace, Inc. (United States)

Project Title: Slingshot Orbital Ensemble Catalogue

114 AI Innovation LLP (India)

Project Title: Spacewise

Consortium of L3Harris, NORSS and Intelligence Fusion (United Kingdom)

Project Title: Space Domain Awareness Blockchain Platform

Rocket Communications (United States)

Project Title: Space:ACME – 4D Visualization Solution for Space Awareness, Communication, and Manoeuvre Evaluation

Cognitive Space, Inc. (United States)

Project Title: Multi-Level Security through Partitioned Blockchain, Inc. (United States)

Project Title: Real-Time Orbital Situational Awareness Platform (ROSA)

SQR Systems (United Kingdom)

Project Title: Secure collaboration platform across classification levels

precursor SPC (United States)

Project Title: 4D Space Weather Impact Tool

KISPE Space Systems Limited (United Kingdom)

Project Title: Interactive App Prototype for a Decisional Space Domain Awareness Tool

NorthStar Earth & Space (Canada)

Project Title: Space Domain Awareness (SDA) Warfighter Training Simulator

Zoic Labs (United States)

Project Title: ZyncMatrix

Clutch Space Systems Limited (United Kingdom)

Project Title: Space Resources Operational Availability Tool (SROAT)

Clearbox Systems Pty Ltd (Australia)

Project Title: AI-enabled decision support for satellite service selection

“This initiative will carve a new path for international defense procurement. We are proud to partner with such incredible defense leaders and entrepreneurs changing the way innovation happens in defense.” Vandad Espahbodi, Co-Founder of Starburst Accelerator, said. “The U.S. & U.K. are setting a precedent for allied cooperation in unprecedented and inventive ways.”

About Starburst 

Starburst is an innovation catalyst in the aerospace and defense industry. It is the first and only global aerospace and defense accelerator, connecting industry and government with startups while providing strategic innovation and growth consulting for all. With offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, London, Seoul, Singapore and Tel Aviv the team has built an ecosystem of key players in the aerospace and defense industry as well as 7000+ startups. Every year Starburst hosts numerous international and national events bringing together entrepreneurs in aviation, space and defense putting innovation under the spotlight. Starburst supports its clients to acquire and maintain leadership in new markets and identify and fend off disruptive threats. Starburst invests in leading aerospace and defense innovators. Visit Please note: ISPD pitches require separate registration here: 

About Defence Space Conference 2020

Defence Space 2020 will explore the opportunities and disruptive possibilities for the future of military space. International Space Pitch Day, the U.K.-U.S. initiative to find, fund, and fast-track innovation and technology that gives advantage to military personnel and operations in the space domain, will be broadcasted on November 17 at 8:00a.m. EST/13:00 BST. For more details and to book tickets for the conference click here. Please note: ISPD pitches require separate registration here: