Officials with SSC, the Swedish Space Corporation, and Millennium Space Systems of El Segundo, Calif., today announced they are teaming together on the first-ever ALTAIR launch to provide customization and rapid constellation production for Millennium’s customers. The ALTAIR spacecraft, a high performance space system for LEO, GEO and deep space missions, will launch on a SpaceX Dragon as part of an International Space Station (ISS) Commercial Resupply mission in the next 90 days. Once onboard the ISS, the 6U-ALTAIR spacecraft will be launched via the NanoRacks deployment system.

SSC is providing its SSC Infinity ground operations services and operational expertise to maintain the program’s budget and schedule prior to deployment. ALTAIR will utilize SSC Infinity ground network services for launch and early orbit procedures, as well as routine support from ground stations in Hawaii, Australia and Chile throughout its mission life.

“Recent growth in new, smallsat and constellation-based space applications throughout the world has driven the need for a new approach to ground segment operations,” said Leif Osterbo, president of SSC’s Satellite Management Services Division. “SSC Infinity is that new approach. Millennium Space Systems will be able to reduce costs and risks associated with satellite launch, orbital insertion, system and constellation checkout.”

“We are proud to partner with SSC using its SSC Infinity services for our first ALTAIR launch,” stated Stan Dubyn, CEO of Millennium Space Systems. “This launch is a critical pathfinder for ALTAIR, and we chose to rely on our SSC partner based on their service to the U.S. Department of Defense for the past two decades.”


SSC provides advanced space services to commercial and institutional customers worldwide. Built on decades of experience, we offer proven expertise in space engineering, satellite management services, and launch services for sounding rockets and balloons.



Millennium Space Systems is a privately held, employee-owned company founded in November 2001, providing alternative, relevant and affordable solutions to today’s aerospace challenges. The company designs flight systems and develops mission and system solutions for the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, National Aeronautics & Space Administration and commercial customers.