Aimed at “Smart Helmets” Worn by Astronauts to Measure State of Awareness

Spire Corporation announced today that it has been awarded a $69,000
Phase I Small Business Innovative Research project contract from the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (“NASA”) to demonstrate
feasibility of an optical system for monitoring astronaut cerebral
blood oxygen level to determine their state of awareness during space

Roger Little, Chairman and CEO of Spire Corporation, said, “this
contract will enable Spire’s Biophotonics Lifesciences group to use
its core optoelectronics technology to develop these ‘smart helmets’
which use low power, near infrared semiconductor laser diodes. Success
can lead to ‘smart helmets’ that could prevent automotive and other
accidents caused by drowsiness from reduced oxygen in the brain.”

Spire Corporation provides products and services based upon a
common technology platform to the solar and biomedical industries

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