Today Spire, the satellite-powered data company, announced the appointment of Antoine de Chassy as its Senior Business Development Executive.

Antoine has over 20 years of experience with the U.S. government and the space industry. Through his experience as CEO of Astrium Geo-Information NA (now renamed Airbus Defense and Space), Antoine developed a bold approach to using today’s top technology resources to define clear business strategies and create alignment between public and private entities. A prime example is his work with customers such as the USGS, the NGA or the U.S. Air Force to integrate data, services and ground processing systems as a supplemental government resource.

Spire is at the forefront of developing powerful technology that enables organizations to have access to large amounts of reliable data precisely when they need it most with minimal cost and operational ramp up ,” said de Chassy. “I’m looking forward to collaborating on projects and utilizing my background to forge stronger relationships between the private and public sectors.”

Antoine’s appointment comes three months after Spire announced that powerful weather tracking technology, capable of improving US and global forecasting, will be deployed on more than 20 Spire satellites in 2015.  Spire’s weather and ship tracking data, which comes from a resilient constellation of satellites with system-wide failover, provides frequent updates about every point on Earth.

Spire has taken a vastly different approach to satellite data by continuously refreshing and upgrading its network of satellites with new sensors to meet evolving customer needs. For instance, early demand has driven Spire to provide global maritime and weather data, delivering 20 times more global ship tracking data with a potential 30% improvement in accuracy and 5 times more GPS-Radio Occultation readings than the current collection of publicly funded weather satellites.

“We’re happy to be able to meet government needs for signal intelligence with a flexible pricing model and a product that requires no government funding to get off the ground,” explained Spire CEO, Peter Platzer. “I knew from our earliest conversations that Antoine’s background in the space industry, and direct experience in building strong public-private partnerships would be a great addition to our team, and we are thrilled to work with him on this momentous project.”

About Spire

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