Among the things propulsion expert Jeff Thornburg did for SpaceX: testify on Capitol Hill. "It was a lot of fun," Thornburg said of the experience. Credit: C-Span video capture
PJ King left the space world to become a tech entrepreneur — then somehow wound up co-founder of Austin, Texas-based Firefly Space Systems, which is trying to reinvent the rocket. Or, at least, the way the rocket is made. Credit: Firefly Space Systems
Keri Bean, still a fresh face at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, realy likes robots. She helped build the R2-D2 in the foreground, and she helps operate the real-life NASA Dawn spacecraft in the background. Credit: Keri Bean
If It it never occurred to you that satellites the size of a shoe box might one day be watching you put an in-ground pool in your backyard, you've clearly never spoken to Planet Labs co-founder Robbie Schingler. Credit: Planet Labs
Professor Sara Seager, who comes across like she's always on top of a mountain, even when she isn't literally (as show above at Mauna Lao in Hawaii). Credit: Charles Darrow
Credit: Natalie Panek
ULA rocket engineer Jeff Rodgers. Not every young space cadet works for SpaceX! Credit: Jeff Rogers
This is what Alan Ladwig looked like before he retired from 40+ years as a space advocate (almost 18 of those at NASA). Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls.
Young serial entrepreneur Ryan Holmes, self-described space newbie, is kick starting a virtual reality camera for the international space station. Credit: Ryan Holmes
Jonathan Goff, founder and chief executive of independent space robotics shop Altius Space Machines. Credit: Jonathan Goff
Dante Lauretta: Guitarist, board game enthusiast, principal investigator of the OSIRIS-REx mission (for at least the next 10 years). Credit: University of Arizona
Date: 09-10-14
Location: Bldg 30, FCR-1
Subject: Expedition 40 flight controllers and Flight Director on console during undocking of Soyuz 38 from the ISS.
Photographer: James Blair

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