Phase Four wins NASA and commercial deals for electric propulsion system
Former Google Lunar X Prize teams focused on new commercial and government opportunities
To trim rocket costs, Virgin Orbit leans on manufacturing software
NASA to begin buying rides on commercial lunar landers by year’s end
Smallsats driving innovation in propulsion technologies
How long should a satellite last: five years, ten years, 15, 30?
DARPA working group begins addressing concerns related to proximity operations and satellite servicing
Air Force focus on resilience means big changes for spacecraft manufacturing and testing
Air Force aims for reliable launch services in spite of dramatic changes in commercial, military space
SpaceX achievements generate growing interest in reusable launchers
Industry warns of launch vehicle glut
European space officials outline desired contribution to Deep Space Gateway
Ice Cubes is Europe’s cool idea for commercializing its part of ISS
Austrian startup ramping to mass produce tricky electric propulsion thrusters
Humble origins drives OHB support for Europe’s space startup scene
How close are high-altitude platforms to competing with satellites?

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