SN Military Space | Space Force praised for fiscal restraint • Space Pitch Day 2021 planned in Los Angeles
SN Military Space | U.S. military foresees need for space logistics • SPACECOM gets new boss • Space Force swears in its first female general
How SMC 2.0 plans to buy the next generation of military satellites
Mixed reactions to Senate Armed Services’ Space Force hearing
Shanahan: To beat China we need Space Force, Space Command, Space Development Agency
Why the Air Force needs more money for next-gen OPIR
Congress worries authorities it gave DoD might backfire
House appropriators suggest Navy and Air Force should merge satellite communications programs
Not everyone on Capitol Hill disapproves of the Air Force launch strategy
Air Force space launch funds reprogrammed to pay for Trump’s border wall
Majority of Army’s space soldiers will not transfer to the Space Force
‘Agile software’ to replace troubled JMS
Space Development Agency a big win for Mike Griffin, but pushback continues
Cape Canaveral preparing for key military launches
Why the Space Force can’t merge with the NRO
Air Force Secretary fires back at Space Development Agency

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