Smallsat Constellations Spark Investor Interest, Regulator Concerns
Satellite Sector Spoiling for a Spectrum Fight at WRC-15
SpaceX Aims To Debut New Version of Falcon 9 this Summer
Asking Price Remains Obstacle to Thuraya Sale
Yahsat Offsets Drop in U.S. Demand for Middle East Bandwidth
Competition To Build OneWeb Constellation Draws 2 U.S., 3 European Companies
After Flirtation with SpaceX, Airbus Taps Ariane 5 for EDRS-C
Broadband Providers Brook No Concern about Capacity Bubble
OneWeb Weeks Away from Picking Prime Contractor
Thuraya Revenue up 14 Percent as Satphone Sales Remain Strong
Sierra Nevada Hopes Dream Chaser Finds “Sweet Spot” of ISS Cargo Competition
OneWeb’s Search Down to 5 Builders for 650 Little LEOs
Top 3 FSS Operators Foresee No Spectrum Sharing at WRC-15
Looser Satellite Export Restrictions Spark Drop in License Requests 
Russia Aims To Retire Proton in 2025 as Angara Takes Over
Vega To Launch Skybox Satellites

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