China’s Tianzhou-4 cargo spacecraft deployed a small satellite before deorbiting
Shenzhou 15 astronauts arrive at China’s space station for first crew handover
South Korean leader eyes “landing on moon in 2032, Mars in 2045”
China outlines pathway for lunar and deep space exploration
 India’s PSLV rocket launches nine satellites in final mission of 2022
China to use space station to test space-based solar power
Japanese lunar lander slated to launch Nov. 28 at the earliest
South Korea’s Danuri orbiter demonstrates ‘space internet’ en route to moon
China wants to ramp up the launch rate of its Long March 5B rocket
China scraps expendable Long March 9 rocket plan in favor of reusable version
Long March 5B rocket reenters over Pacific Ocean after forcing airspace closures in Europe
Rocket from Chinese space station module launch predicted to make uncontrolled reentry Nov. 4
China’s mystery spaceplane releases object into orbit
Final module docks at China’s Tiangong space station
China tests engines for moon mission rocket
Chinese commercial remote sensing satellite firm to double size of constellation

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