Galactic Energy of China registers third consecutive successful launch
India’s new SSLV rocket fails in first launch
South Korea’s first lunar orbiter on way to the moon
Chinese space firm raises funds for commercial weather data satellite constellation
China launches secretive reusable test spacecraft
Hyundai partners with research institutes to develop vehicle for lunar surface exploration
Long March 5B rocket stage makes fiery uncontrolled reentry over Indian Ocean
CAS Space puts six satellites in orbit with first orbital launch
Massive Long March 5B booster predicted to reenter on July 31
Second module docks at China’s space station, large rocket stage tracked in orbit
China could shift to fully reusable super heavy-launcher in wake of Starship
China prepares for July 24 launch of second space station module
China to target near-Earth object 2020 PN1 for asteroid deflection mission
Japanese startup to demo robotic arm onboard ISS in 2023
Communications established with payload on stabilized PSLV upper stage
New launch vehicles set for test flights from China’s Jiuquan spaceport

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