Special Aerospace Services (SAS), a leader in aerospace systems engineering solutions, has just acquired C&C Manufacturing, an Englewood, Colorado-based company offering precision machining solutions in plastics, non-ferrous and ferrous metals for aerospace, aviation, and commercial customers. The acquisition signals an innovative shift in the fundamental approach to aerospace engineering by uniting engineering and manufacturing functions to better service industry needs.

A Boulder-based technology services and systems company supporting the Department of Defense (DoD), NASA, and the commercial space industry, SAS began their quest for a more streamlined approach as a response to increasing demands for rapid prototyping and quality, low-cost solutions.

“To be competitive in the aerospace industry, you must be driven to pioneer solutions without adding unnecessary cost. We have been pursuing an answer to this problem for some time, and we are thrilled to have found a reputable partner ready to become a working asset for the SAS brand,” said Tim Bulk, SAS co-founder and Chief Technical Officer. “It’s always been our mission to unite ancillary forces to provide unique, tactical solutions, and this procurement aligns well with that mission.”

Both companies are built on a shared set of values, including a focus on time-critical solutions, quality services, competitive pricing, and a deep concern for business ethics, making the acquisition both synergetic and timely given the demands in the market place. The marriage of the two entities will result in shorter lead times at a lower cost. Support and enthusiasm for the new model has been echoed by clients and industry partners.

“It’s an exciting time for our industry as we build the complex systems that will take humans into deep space. Small businesses are taking adventurous steps to grow their capabilities and join us on the journey to Mars. They’re investing in the machinery, facilities, and certifications required to manufacture human-rated space flight hardware. All stakeholders in the space industry will be depending on them,” explained SAS client and Orion Small Business Advocate, Michele Butzke.

Special Aerospace Services is a Certified 8(a), woman-owned engineering services, systems, and solutions business. SAS began with the dream of developing and providing innovative aerospace solutions to the aerospace industry, U.S. government agencies, DoD, and the emerging commercial spaceflight sector.

For more information, visit www.specialaerospaceservices.com.