We recently completed our first major pre-launch milestone, the Flight Readiness Review (FRR).  This confirmed that all Vehicle, Payload, Ground Support Equipment, and Personnel are ready for launch. Following the FRR, the Falcon 1 was rolled out to the pad and we completed our wet dress rehearsal, which is a full countdown that holds approximately one minute before T-0. 

The upgrades to the vehicle, Kwajalein launch facilities and our launch procedures have proven quite effective, and we have had a relatively smooth launch campaign up to this point.  A number of non-critical issues arose during the wet-dress and are being resolved, but we have seen nothing to date that should delay our launch schedule.

Going forward, a static fire is planned Thursday, January 18 (California time).  We have a launch window on January 21 and 22 (California time) and are working with the range to secure a couple of additional days as contingency.  Should we go beyond that, which is still a good possibility as we work with the upgraded vehicle, pad, and procedures, the next available launch window is mid February. There will be a live webcast and a media call in line for the launch. Details will be provided shortly.