SpaceDev (OTCBB: SPDV) has received the finalized propulsion
contract for SpaceShipOne. The SpaceDev propulsion system consists of
propriety SpaceDev rocket motor components, which are reused on each
flight, and SpaceDev propellant that is refueled for each flight.

“Instead of ‘Intel® Inside’ it is ‘SpaceDev Inside,’ ” said Jim
Benson, SpaceDev founding chairman and chief executive. “During the
initial test flights for SpaceShipOne, we expect to be powering people
toward space, and within a few months, hope to be participating in an
effort to power people to sub-orbital space. As a result, it is
possible that SpaceDev will provide the system that powers the next
human space flight in the United States. This is especially important
to SpaceDev with the Shuttle grounded, and the need for safe,
affordable alternatives for human space flight. SpaceDev is proud to
be a significant part of this revolutionary movement of human space
flight out of the government and into the private sector where things
can be done faster and more cost-effectively and where new markets can
be created and supplied.”

About SpaceDev

SpaceDev (OTCBB: SPDV) creates and sells affordable and innovative
space products and solutions to government and commercial enterprises.
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